Smoothies that will keep you going for longer

by G G on Apr 16, 2020

Smoothies that will keep you going for longer
Smoothies – might seem like an easy and tasty snack or meal idea, however, if you concoct a wrong blend, your vitamin-packed drink can spike your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling overall “bleh” rather than satisfied. Most smoothie recipes have lots of fruits inside them. Although the sugar in fruit is natural, if you’re drinking it all at once without much protein or fat, it will cause a large blood sugar spike. When blood sugar levels rise and fall quickly, the body’s metabolism may get interrupted, which can lead to feelings of nausea. Moreover, the insulin that rushes to get excess sugar out of your blood and into your cells can cause a blood sugar crash. This is why sometimes 20 minutes after drinking a large smoothie may have feelings sudden hunger and fatigue.
Just as a healthy snack or meal, smoothie should contain good source of protein, healthy fats and veggies. Striking this balance is essential to preventing unwanted blood sugar highs and lows.

Below are a few easy recipes of healthy smoothies that will help blunt your blood sugar spikes and boost satiety. You may choose one of these to either kickstart your day, satisfy your sweet tooth, or simply hit your 5-a-day.

Or create your own by keeping an easy formula in mind:

leafy greens + fruits + healthy fats + source of protein

Stay healthy and active x


Recipes by: Nina Japaridze

Instagram: @blackbird.9


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